Argentina has always been a favorite destination for tourists visiting South America boasting its alluring Patagonia, its glaciers, the Iguazu Falls sand the multicultural life of Buenos Aires, its capital.

Nonetheless, for the last two years the number of visitors from abroad has dropped significantly due to the high value of the argentine peso turning the country expensive for visitors from abroad. At the same time Argentines traveled abroad in increasing numbers to new records making the most of the buying power of the peso. It was cheaper to eat in London or Paris than in Buenos Aires, shopping in Miami for clothes, electronics and practically anything that could be carried on the plane had become the favorite pastime of the Argentine middle class.

The massive 40% devaluation of Argentina’s currency, the peso, which took place last June has changed all this and turned the country into a very attractive destination for visitors from all over the world.

From being the most expensive destination in the region Argentina has become one of the most affordable so that tangos, glaciers and the best beef in the world are a viable option again.

At All The Way Adaptive Travel we welcome handicapped and low mobility visitors from abroad, we advise them in planning their vacations, business trips or sports meets in Argentina and help them to avoid mobility pitfalls and to make their trips most enjoyable.


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