Why ATW?                            

All The Way Adaptive Travel is a consultancy that specializes in advising people with low mobility and handicaps to plan and travel safely and without problems, established in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2015.

As professional Trip advisors, our mission is to make people with low mobility and handicaps travel to any place in the world safely, free of uncertainties and problems and in an enjoyable way.

ATW offers information and trip planning in a reliable way, paying special attention to the details so that its clients travel in the most safe and comfortable manner and may enjoy the an unforgettable experience be it on vacation, business or sports meet.

Handicapped and low mobility people - and their families and friends - are concerned for what may happen to them during trips, in their own country or abroad and would probably be right in being so.

I was born with Spina Bífida, I am on a wheelchair and have traveled by myself widely around he globe and know what it is to face unforeseen problems and unknown situations like having my flight cancelled in a city I didn’t know, or having my wheelchair broken while returning from an excursion to the mountains or not being able to enjoy a planned sightseeing outing for lack o accessibility, just to give you a few examples.

At ATW we work to eliminate contingencies and unforeseen problems that a low mobility or handicapped passenger may face during a trip. How do we do this ?  First we consider the needs, wishes and preferences of our travelers. We plan minutely and in a detailed fashion, verifying what we offer and carefully checking the scenarios a traveler might be facing, the risks and uncertainties, and preparing and offering solutions for each case.

Traveling does not come cheap, specially for a handicapped person and we are fully aware that we do not want to spend more than is necessary. You will probably find cheaper airfares and hotels on the web including low-cost airlines and hotels calling themselves adaptive or handicapped friendly. We always give priority to safety and reliability making sure the traveler may relax and enjoy the trip without disagreeable surprises.

Once the route and cities have been decided on and the airlines and hotels have been selected the traveler may buy the airline tickets and hotel accommodations through their own travel agent or on the web. If they so prefer it we can reference a travel agency.

Planning your trip is the first step to living the best experience of your life, hassle free and making your dreams come true.

Have a wonderful trip.

Christian C. Couyoumdjian

Accesible trip adviosr.

All The Way Adaptive Travel.

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