Often in life we hear the phrases “ It’s too hard for you, you can’t, we are sorry you will not be able to, you should wait a few years maybe something new will come out ”, or things to that effect.

Well, let me tell you something you might already know… life is now, today and life does not wait and nor should you.

Postponing your life and your plans is just not right, and is simply not acceptable, you should never let anyone tell you its too hard or that you can’t do it.

From your chair to the airplane

As you may have already experienced, getting through the airport and into the plane is one of the most stressful and difficult steps when traveling with a wheelchair.

This is mainly caused by the poor assistance polices of most airports and airlines throughout the world.

Form being late and having a broken or lost wheelchair up to losing your flight, believe me I have experienced it all in the past. We also often read in the newspapers about issues like these that still happen around the world.

This is mainly caused like a said to poor or non good policies of assistance. Being able to make it through the airport and into your airplane that will take you to your destiny is something we all should to in a most pleasant way.

To prevent more hazards form happening we, at ATW have developed our own system and procedures in which we not only have been there but truly understand what needs to be done in order to accomplish your goals.

Planning your trip in a full and responsible manner is the difference between having the best experience of your life and having to deal with problems or difficulties during your trip.

Having been separated from your everyday mobility equipment such as your wheelchair, crutches or walker is a stressful and complicated situation that often occurrs when entering an aircraft.

Let us walk you threw each step and plan your journey making way to the best experience of your life in the most complete and safest manner.

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